July 14, 15, 16 2017

Heidi Potter Clinic

Many of our clinics provide participants an opportunity to learn in the classroom, on the ground with their horses and under saddle. Additional days are often available to offer participants the option for private or semi-private riding or training sessions.

Clinics are open to equestrians of all levels and disciplines, from walk-trot riders to accomplished competitors. They are all designed to be safe, enjoyable and educational. Any and all breeds of horses are welcome to attend, including gaited breeds.


Clicker Training Workshops

Clicker Training for horses is a valuable tool that helps promote understanding, desire and confidence in your horse. These workshops are designed to introduce the philosophies of this positive reinforcement style of training and the necessary steps to get you started. Clicker training is especially helpful in problem areas such as bathing, fly spraying, clipping, trailer loading, standing quiet for mounting, etc.

Horse Agility Clinic

Horse Agility is a fun way to improve your horsemanship skills, confidence and the overall relationship you share with your horse. It's work promotes safe, respectful and enjoyable partnerships. We start with skills training which helps achieve clear communication and the ability to move your horse through use of body language, not through applying pressure. The obstacle work builds confidence and provides an opportunity to learn more about your horse and how to best support him. Horse Agility training will also improve your overall performance under saddle. These clinics include information on the sport, handling skills training, starter level course work and a mock competition. Some may offer a liberty demo, transitioning to liberty work, liberty work, and an opportunity to tape for OHLA competitions. Horses of all ages and levels are invited as long as they can be safely handled in a group setting.

Centered Riding / Natural Horsemanship Clinic

This two-day clinic is designed to lead participants and their horses to a more safe and trusting relationship. Non-abusive, Natural Horsemanship training techniques, combined with Centered Riding philosophies, offer a well rounded program. The clinic days begin with ground exercises for the humans and move onto ground work with the horses. This format will help participants gain new insights and safely establish respect, confidence and trust with their equine partner. The afternoon sessions include application of these exercises under saddle for improved performance and communication.


Larry teaches you how to teach your horse to relax so you can teach a correct response with the least effort. He teaches you how to teach your horse to respond to subtle cues.” :Larry learned to bring horses into a more classical frame to gait. When you strengthen the correct muscles, the horse can carry a rider and rebalance into natural collection."

What you will learn -

◦How to improve gait without devices
◦How to develop the horse gymnastically to facilitate relaxation, create flexibility and balance
◦How to school the horse in hand and under saddle
◦How to build engagement to improve gait without building resistance
◦How you ride affects your horse's balance and gait
◦Balanced, light stops

Horse and rider spots are limited - call for availability. Plenty of auditing space is available.
$500 for each horse/rider team for all 3 days. Auditing $30/day. Lunch will be provided to all participants  and auditors


Larry Whitesell Gaited Horse Clinic

August 11,12, 13, 2017

​      A 2nd clinic has been added on September 1, 2, & 3

Whispering Woods Stables Clinics/events

Whispering Woods Stables

150 Ingraham Mountain Road

Augusta, Maine   04330




October  21 & 22​  2017

JUDY CROSS-STREHLKE has been teaching and following the discipline of Centered Riding® Since 1980 when Sally Swift first started teaching in Maine. Judy has had the good fortune to have been trained by Sally Swift extensively over the last 20 years and is currently certified as a Level IV Instructor and clinician

Most horse enthusiasts have heard of Centered Riding® and Sally Swift. This method of teaching riding uses many techniques of body awareness to help riders develop more understanding of typical movement patterns and how they can help or interfere with the horse's movement.

CENTERED RIDING® is a way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering, and imagery, developed by Sally Swift. Started over 30 years ago, this method answers the question of "how" when your instructor tells you "what" to do when riding your horse. It can give you a new perspective on riding and other aspects of your life.

CENTERED RIDING® helps you become more aware of your body and it's potential. Many people are caught in the trap of unconscious habit. The way you use your body feels normal and familiar, even if you have habitual patterns which cause you to be stiff, crooked, or out of balance. Your horse feels and reacts to the way you use your body, right or wrong, which can lead to confusion and discomfort. Centered Riding® techniques help you discover an inner balance, serenity, and control that allows for greater freedom, suppleness, and coordination; your horse will respond with increased balance, poise, and forward motion.

The cost for the horse/rider spots will be $300 for the 2 days. Space is limited to 8 horse/rider teams. Contact me at Teresa@whisperingwoodsstables.com or  207-370-1150 for more information and availability.

Unlimited auditor space is available for $30/day.